Grant your workforce access to this valuable education tool. It’s very useful and very cost effective. Enjoy the advantages of accelerating the quality of learning.



Simply design a quiz for your learners and post it to QUIZME. Learners can then enjoy the experience of completing each quiz and seeing exactly what they have learned.



Here’s a fun way to improve your knowledge and skills. Learning is enhanced ten fold when tutors set up simple quizzes after each lesson for you to complete.

About Us

Quizme is a subsidiary of a New Zealand Charitable Society - Adult Literacy Tamaki Auckland Inc. Quizme is designed as a short simple quiz designed by educators for students. The purpose of quiz based sessions is to aid both educators and students with information that allows educators to assess what and how much information is being retained by students in each learning session. It is also designed to identify learning gaps. Quizme is a quick and easy fun way to validate and assess what students have learned each day for the duration of every education programme.

How It Works


To access Quizme an organisation must first register as an Employer. The Employer will then be assigned a unique access code.

Thereafter, up to 99 Tutors of this Employer may then register to setup a Quizme session for the Learners in their class. Each quiz is then assigned a  Quiz name. The quiz can then be saved for future use and or modified by the Tutor if required.

Once this process is complete, up to 20 Learners per class are able to register for the Quizme session.

Create Quizzes

Quizme is a practical online short quiz facility that allows a company, or employees to design short practical and relevant quizzes for people engaged in education and training, seminars, or workshops.

Quizme is designed for tutors or educators to construct a quiz comprising up to 10 questions for their class to complete. Learners or students will then log into the class quiz and complete the quiz accordingly for immediate results.


Ideally each Quiz is based on a current or very recent lesson or workshop. The quiz may comprise multi-choice or short answer questions designed for learners to answer.  Once a Learner has registered they will be able to access and complete the quiz via the name of the quiz devised by the Tutor.

An immediate summary will self calculate based on the answers. Results will automatically be summarised and be available for viewing by the Tutor and the learner.

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